Expanding our territory


Friends, it’s wonderful sitting in a coffee shop with others typing away on their laptops and enjoying the brew. I feel a sense of commoradory. When one of us gets up to go to the restroom, we know without saying the words that the others have our backs and will watch our stuff while gone.

I feel the same way in regards to spreading the news about Jesus. As Christians we are called to share what we know to be true about Jesus. The difference is how we do that. I believe that each of us have special gifts given to us for that purpose. In that plan, we are watching out for each other in helping to reach the goal each of us is given.

Have any of you prayed the prayer of Jabez (1 Chronicles 4:10) about expanding your territory? I have and many times my “territory” has grown by leaps and bounds in regards to opportunities to share in some way about Jesus. It can be kind of scary at times, but knowing God is behind it because many of these events could not have happened under my own power, I have confidence to go forth. He’s got my back.

One way God is using me, Antonio Crawford, and others is by allowing us to create and distribute studies through Christians Ignite. I have been awed by what God has done so far, but He usually leaves me standing with my mouth hanging open asking, “What just happened here?” He is so good!

I want to help each of you expand your territory for God. The posts on this blog will be focused on helping you do that in many different ways. Together we can make a difference for the kingdom of God because God has arranged and empowered up to do so. Fear not … we’re in this together!

Christians Ignite blog: https://christiansignite.wordpress.com/

Kathy’s website: http://www.kathybruins.com



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