Sharing book launch experience

History has a purpose of encouraging us of what or what not to do in the future. We learn about wars and how they happened, how they were won, and the effects on society. Political history informs us of how the United States has formulated its goverance throughout the years. People’s stories enlighten us to understanding and grasp the truths of their experiences. Sharing life helps us all.

The book launch for Chasing After God’s Heart will also be shared with others to help them learn the ins and outs of launching a book. I know that we have learned from others’ launches to put ours together. It is a cycle of learning that really never ends. We help each other grow in our craft to become the best we can be.

We will be recording what we are doing and will share the good, the bad, and the ugly to not only to improve the experience the next time around, but to invite all who are involved to share and learn alongside us. If we can help someone else have a great book launch experience, we are helping ourselves in the process. Isn’t that how life should be?

I invite all of you to blog your teachings on this site to help us all learn from you. Please let me know if you would be able to submit a blog that will enlighten us to something you have learned in your experience.

Christians Ignite blog:

Kathy’s website:


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